Hello there and Welcome! Whether you are newly Separated or Divorced, I am here to help you navigate the emotional process of your marriage ending and this new beginning. Let the baggage go (slowly but surely) and embrace your new life! PLUS, gain tools to be the best co-parent possible! Onward we go 🙂

September 12 2016

Divorce,family,The Start

Your Marriage Is Ending – Now What??

A friend of mine recently told me she was separating from her common law partner.  They have two children together.  I’ve found myself giving her a lot of basic information and just day to day advice on the practical steps to get through a separation and she&#8217…

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April 08 2016

Parenting,The Start

Here We Go!

I absolutely love this quote – it helps me remember to lean towards hope and not shrink back into fear.  And that’s a constant check and balance I have to make with myself. I’ve been separated from my ex for just about three years now and of all the…

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