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I am a personal growth coach and am a member of the International Coach Federation.  I have been blogging since early 2016 with the intention to create a community where separated/divorced parents feel encouraged and supported through all aspects of their lives!  ‘Cause who can’t use more of that? 

I want to help improve the world – one family at a time!  And contribute to the conversation about separation and divorce and how families can best navigate through it, in all stages of their lives – so that the children (and parents) can live a happy and satisfying life, from this day forward! 

Have you felt alone and isolated, while going through your divorce?

I certainly have!  Your marriage ending is a very isolating experience in a lot of ways.  You need someone in your corner, and  a community of people who know exactly what you’re going through and can keep you moving in the right direction – one step in front of the other!

Do you feel like you can’t confide your feelings with anyone who truly understands?  

Also totally normal - - and goes hand in hand with the feelings of isolation by the way!  I knew hardly anyone who was separated or divorced when my ex and I split.  None of my close friends could really relate to what I was going through.  I really craved connection with people who could understand the pain and process of splitting up a family.  I mean, I have friends from university, from work, from every other aspect of my life, so why not this one too 

I did truly miss having common ground with friends and family, when it came to struggles and successes that are inherent in raising children in a two family household.  And since I wish all my friends and family long and satisfying marriages – I decided to start a blog to help connect parents in a similar situation to mine.  And coaching and writing have blossomed from those humble beginnings!

Having been through Separation myself, I am passionate about helping other parents through the HUGE transition that is inherent in separation/divorce!  I want you and your children to come through this with a renewed sense of peace and confidence in where your life is headed!  Plus continued co-parenting support.

Because it’ll get way better than it is today, I promise, it'll be OK!    

My primary goal when my marriage ended was to ensure that our children continued to thrive and feel a sense of belonging and security within the family, which can be tricky when their new reality is two homes.  This is obviously an ongoing commitment.  I love coaching others to help families take this hard experience and transform it into an opportunity to make the most out of the rest of their lives! 

It takes a village to raise children, and in the 21st century this includes a virtual village!

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