Hello!  I'm glad you're here! 

Tired of marinating in despair and grief and the fog of wondering what to do with your life from here? 

Tired of wondering if your kids will get through this OK and if you'll ever find love again? 

Please Remember this:

You Can Transform Your Life

And I can help.

Find Out How

My first several years were rough..

I didn't just snap my fingers and go from newly divorced to happily coupled and a mom of 5 (3 of my own and 2 step kids).  Don't we all wish that was possible??

Every small step forward seemed to come with two steps back - for years. 

Shame that made me dread seeing the mom's from the kids' school again. 

Running a household on my own made me feel like I was constantly juggling water balloons. 

I felt like I was spinning in circles, while drowning in confusion, now that I wasn't living within the context of being someone's wife.  

Loosing so many friends, as they took sides and went with my ex. 

Missing my kids so much when they were at their dad's that I thought my heart would literally break.  

So.  So.  Lonely.  As isolating as living in the Arctic. 

Co-parenting went pretty well though, right from the start.  Thank god. 

And then finally, I did start gaining traction and little seeds that I had quietly planted, started to grow and blossom into a new and incredible life.  

My kids and I laughed together more and shared more fun times.  The laughs together felt like a refreshing sunset walk on the beach on PEI, after a hot summer's day.    

I met a man who makes me feel so sparkly and alive and LOVED and appreciated.

I started doing deeply rewarding, soul work in service to all the families and kids out there who experience divorce  

"You can move beyond the pain and transform your life. Help is here. Your kids will thank you later!"

~ Lisa Nicol

This Transformation Can Be Yours Too. 

You will get clear on your True Priorities and align your life with them. 

You WILL find love again.  You are worthy of love - and if you do the work, it'll be better than you could have ever imagined! 

The light at the end of the tunnel is yours.  

You can heal. 

You can thrive. 

If I can do it, so can you. 

You've got this! 

A Little About Me

  • LOVE Downhill skiing - so does the whole family - my kids, my partner and my step kids! 
  • Insatiable reader - self help, spiritual, business, fiction (only with my book club ladies), women's leadership
  • Meditation has brought magic into my life 
  • Nature is my church and my gym - the ocean and the mountains hold extra special places in my heart but anywhere outside in nature is great!
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius, Rising Sign: Leo, Moon: Libra - astrology adds a neat layer and perspective to my life 

Your life has fallen apart and you're desperate to start a new life  

A coach is an awesome way to have someone who is completely on your side.  Who is truly cheering you on and supporting what you want.  Who believes in you.  Who knows if you do your healing work you will be unstoppable. 

I want you to feel fulfilled with your life, at a level you've never been before - like you're as satisfied and joyful as a dog with it's head out the window of a car, enjoying the warm summer breeze on your face!

A coach can nudge you to keep going when you're circumstances get the better of you.  Cause it's so easy to get stuck in the muddy middle of your healing journey, I've been there, I can help. 

work with me!

"Kids are most resilient through Divorce, when their parents model effective communication, healthy boundaries, and heal their wounds so they don't imprint them on their children. "

~ Lisa Nicol

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