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Co-Parenting: as smooth as butter?

co-parenting Oct 30, 2019

Is your co-parenting relationship as smooth as butter?  Or more like chunky peanut butter?  

If you wish it could be smoother and hate the texture of chunky peanut butter as it is, read on :)

Last week, my ex had an idea for changing the kids’ after school routine.  Instead of mentioning it to me, the kids told me about it.  

I was suddenly so angry and so surprised. 

Normally we have a very smooth co-parenting relationship - so this caught me by surprise. 

It wasn’t that the idea was a bad one at all.  In fact, it made good sense. It was just that he hadn’t told me before the kids had.  

Which left me thinking - holy smokes, I would have continued thinking the kids would be doing one thing after school and they’d actually be doing something completely different.  My mama bear instincts immediately didn’t like that.

I sent him an email and as ‘just the facts’ like as I could, I told him my concerns.  And it is getting sorted out now. 

How stressful is a lack of communication, or inconsistent communication?  EXTREMELY SHITTY.

What can you do to improve your co-parenting communication?  And let’s be real - there’s always room for improvement!  

Take my FREE 5 Day Co-parenting Challenge to up your game!  Or to keep your communication skills in tip top shiny shape.  Click here to sign up, it starts in early November!

And no matter what, forgive yourself and your ex when things do get a little like chunky peanut butter - shake it off and learn from it, and make the next interaction smoother :)

Wishing you all the best, 

Lisa xo



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