Get yours Free! 7 Steps to Ensure your kids THRIVE after Divorce

Get Unstuck by changing Your Perspective (Hint: Getting out in Nature Helps!)

Let’s face it – we all have days when we just want to keep our head in the sand, pull up the blankets in bed and stay there all day.  When it all looks too daunting to bother.  This is always when we are in dire need for a change in perspective.

Whether we want to admit it or not :)

Since this weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, I’ve had my fair share of being outside and enjoying the leaves changing colour recently.  Going for a hike or just walking around a park, it’s amazing the way the landscape changes based on the season, and fall is one of my favourite seasons!

The enormity of it all always blows my mind – the look offs with their vistas, the beach looking out into an endless ocean.  The smallness of you and me.  It’s breathtaking.

Get your head out of the sand, out of your own problems, and look around – nature is spectacular!

And for me, it is a continual reminder that the world goes on – through good or bad in my life – through it all.  My problems aren’t the biggest ever seen.  And they surely won’t last forever, just as sure as the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, or the cliffs that have been etched out over time, one can be sure that there are better times ahead.  These are just the changing seasons of our lives.

The world doesn’t revolve around me.  Or you.  Or your ex.  Or anyone.

The world was here long before any of us, and will outlast us all.

So what are you going to do with your one precious life?

I hope you’ll take many deep breaths and enjoy the fresh air and vastness of nature (over and over again until you can hear your own inner wisdom).  And realize that time goes on – in 5 years’ time, you’ll have different problems and different successes, things can change in the most unsuspecting ways.  So, get on with your life with love in your heart. 

The path will unfold in amazing ways.  Nature always helps me give my anger and disappointments up to the wind, and to feel my own inner power, and most importantly to forgive.

And with renewed hope, to get on with living :)

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