What has Co-Parenting Taught You?

The top TWO things Co-Parenting has taught me:

.1 Good things can come from a difficult situation.  Let's face it, I would have probably never talked to my ex again - if we didn't have kids.  Way simpler and way less work.  But in the dust of our marriage ending, co-parenting has forced a different sort-of relationship to bloom.  It has expanded what I thought I was capable of and what I thought my ex was capable of.  We've grown as individuals and as parents, after years of negotiating and balancing everyones' schedules - as annoying as that is sometimes!

.2 My communication skills could be improved :)  Cause when nearly everything is in writing over email or txt, for reference, it’s easy to see where something could be misinterpreted or just not written clearly enough.  And you want to make sure you express yourself without ruffling any feathers, if that's not actually your intention.  So, communication skills become fine tuned like crazy :)  Just the facts, and please be direct.  

This initially insane arrangement, of sharing parenting when you both are moving on with other parts of your life, seems ridiculous.  It felt like the universe was laughing at me!  BUT over the past 5 years, it's been an arrangement that has made me come to appreciate the father of my children so much deeper than I could even see coming.  And eventually, a co-parenting routine becomes second nature.

It’s all expansive love.  Let that love drive you forward.

When it’s for the kids, you’ll try harder than you ever thought possible.

You’ll forgive more than you ever thought possible.

You’ll move out of your comfort zone more than you ever thought possible.

You grow more than you ever thought possible.  

Cause at the end of the day, you are both still your kids' immediate family. 

You’re still their first example of how adults should respect and love each other.

Dig deeper and continue to go further than you ever thought - you've got this! ❤️

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