Get yours Free! 7 Steps to Ensure your kids THRIVE after Divorce

A new step mom? Watch out for the potential landmine of triggers!

If you've been following me on instagram (@lisa_m_nicol) you already know that I met my ex's girlfriend a few weeks ago - they are moving in together in a few weeks, and it was definitely time to meet her in person!

She reached out to me, which I really appreciated.  So, we met at a pub and sat down to chat for a few hours - and I was nervous!!

I mean, she will be the third most frequent person in my kids lives.  (My boyfriend and I haven't moved in together yet, so he's got a less critical status in my kids' lives, to my mind).  

And like my daughter said: hopefully she doesn't turn into an evil step mom when they start living together :I 

Over the course of our meet up, I realized if I had met her several years back, when my ex and I had just split, this meeting would have gone much differently! 

Having my kids influenced by someone I hardly know at all is a tough prospect and I would have been MUCH more inclined to want to control the whole situation...

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