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100 Ways to Reduce Stress! :)

How are you handling stress in your daily life?  

The past few months have been very dramatic and shocking in ways I never would have seen coming.  Maybe you're feeling the same?  It got me thinking about how well we manage stress, day over day, year over year. 

You know those sparkling eyed 80 year olds that still seem so young at heart?  That's how I want to end up :)  ...but stress can really age you, it can wear you down quickly or slowly.  It's a tricky one to wrangle.

So, I made a giant list of ways to keep my stress down or balance it out with some healing, so that over the decades of my life I will remain feel young at heart :)  

1. sleep well (6-8hrs a night or on average the experts say!)

2. close your eyes & take 3 deep breaths (

3. laugh

4. read a book 

5. meditate (a super easy one is to just sit somewhere with your eyes closed and become aware of your breathing)

6. smell the roses

7. People watch

8. spend time with people you love and who love you back

9. communicate effectively & listen just as well

10. play with your kids

11. celebrate successes & milestones!

12. take a hike 

13. watch a sunrise

14. watch a sunset

15. eat healthy (most of the time)

16. exercise regularly - like till you sweat!  Especially if you don't have time :)

17. Powerlift (says my boyfriend)

18. share a meal with friends

19. get sun on your face!

20. colour

21. draw

22. paint

23. write it out

24. watch a campfire burn 

25. list to the ocean

26. walk barefoot on the ground (..sand, grass, dirt)

27. dance

28. listen to music (Wagon Wheel from Old Crow Medicine Show is a fav of mine lately)

29. Yoga.  Seriously.

30.  get together with good friends

31. walk along the beach 

32. Roadtrip! 

33. Change of Scene

34. positive affirmations to counteract your negative self-talk (see my old blog post for more on this)

35. reach out for help when overwhelmed, don't do it all alone 

36. bubble bath

37. buy a killer outfit :)

38. Love (your kids, pet, your sig. other, friends)

39. be needed (by family, kids, community)

40. volunteer

41. bake

42. comfort food 

43. de-clutter

44. open the windows and let the breeze in!

45. let it go :)

46. Forgive

47. chocolate treats

48. quiet time alone

49. old friends

50. cook a meal for a loved one 

51. walk/bike/roller blade more, drive less 

52. sex with someone you love 

53. watch a sleeping baby/child

54. work for a good boss, with good co-workers

55. When faced with something that stresses you out, ask yourself "on my death bed would I even care about this at all?"  Perspective helps reduce stress :)

56. have a good cry, stomp around, yell to the sky, kick box - feel your feelings, make sure they move through you instead of getting stuck

57. believe most people are good people

58. believe the universe has your back

59. Spa Day!!  

60. Wet Sauna

61. try something a little scary - out of your comfort zone is where you grow!

62. paint the town red!

63. help someone 

64. feel the fear and do it anyways

65. learn that mistakes aren't the end of the world - it all helps you evolve!

66. watch the clouds float by

67. eat ice cream on a hot summer's day

68. wind on your face

69. learn something new

70. stand your ground - know your boundaries

71. get a massage

72. give a massage

73. care for a pet

74. when someone helps you out, let them know what a positive impact they've had on you 

75. say thank-you 

76. snuggle 

77. hold hands

78. watch the snow fall while staying warm inside

79. a warm cup of coffee

80. knitting

81. donate - used items, food, whatever you can 

82. garden

83. do less 'shoulds' 

84. ski!

85. a warm cup of tea 

86. watch or read something inspiring 

87. tell jokes

88. watch cat videos on YouTube :)

89. make music

90. hot shower 

91. learn something new

92. take a break when you need to

93. fresh fruit and chocolate 

94. eat outside when the weather warrants it! :)

95. have friendships with people of all ages (again perspective helps!)

96. put your feet up 

97. watch a movie 

98. read poetry

99. sit on the deck 

100.  Smile!

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